Awls & Auto Awls For Leather Craft

20th August 2020 0 By admin3456HytQQ

A good awl is an essential tool for any leather worker. An awl can be used to make small punctures in leather or to enlarge an existing hole, such as those made by a lacing punch. They commonly have a wooden handle with a thin, tapered metal shaft, coming to a sharp point, either straight or slightly bent. An auto awl has a spool to wind thread on to and a hole in the needle to assist in hand sewing leather, as well as other heavy materials such as canvas.


Osborne Automatic Awl – Number 413

  • Material: Wooden handle+ metal needle. Piercing needle and waxed thread held inside the wooden handle. Insert the hard metal strip into the top metal side hole and pull it out to open the tail cover.
  • Package includes one sewing awl, a spool of high tensile waxed thread (approx. 25m), and 2 needles (1 straight and 1 curved needles ).
  • Quickly and easily sew any heavy material.Use curved thread needle for sewing in awkward tight sewing spaces. Straight thread needle is for use when using the fine waxed ployster thread on lighter work.
  • Needles can be changed and replaced easily. Needles are sharp, keep them away from children. These needles make sewing a breeze using the reliable Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl.

Nuoshen 2 Pack Awl

  • Material:Made of extremely durable wood and metal.
  • Size:Total length 11.5cm/4.5inch.Gourd diameter 2cm/0.78inch
  • Advantage:Taper shape design allows you to poke a hole and then gradually enlarge it as the item slides up the awl
  • Wide Application:Used in sewing, DIY handcraft for punching, removing stitches and marking layout lines on surfaces of paper, cloth, wood, plastic, and laminates
  • Great Tool:This is great tool for sewing or repairing canvas leather, shoes, soles, bag, more convenient for household