Dyeing Leather The Easy Way

1st April 2018 Off By Kingdom Leather
Dyeing Leather The Easy Way

Dye Types

There are several types of dyes available on the market today. The two most popular are water-based Pigment and solvent based.

Preparing the Leather for Dying

For a flat, even dye, first rub a small amount of vegetable oil onto the leather. For a more relaxed look apply dye to dry leather.

If you apply dye while the leather is still damp from when you were working it, the dye will come out lighter then expected. If you are looking for a strong colour finish, wait till the leather is no longer damp.

Applying The Dye

If you are after a more textured finish, simply apply the dye with a wool dauber, cloth, sponge brush or spray gun.

Each applicator will give a sightly different finish, so its best to experiment on a scrap piece of leather first, to see which applicator results in the finish you are after.