Caring For Vegetable Tanned Leather

15th January 2018 Off By Kingdom Leather
Caring For Vegetable Tanned Leather

Vegetable tanned leathers, with the right feeding & care, have the ability to “heal” scratches and discolorations.

Vegetable tanned leathers are much more susceptible to the consequences of excessive moisture or heavy water exposure compared with chrome & oil tanned leathers.

For monthly care we recommend either Dubbin or beeswax. You will know your leather needs some care when it displays either of the following:

  • Superficial cracking or flaking
  • Grain feels dry or hard
  • Ridging not caused by usual wear
  • Exceess exposure to water or cleaning agents

To protect and restore your vegetable tanned leather:

  • Clean first using a brush or cloth
  • Then warm up the leather by either leaving in the sun or with a hairdryer. Be carefull not to over do it, you just want the leather body temperature.
  • Apply a small amount of Dubbin to a clean, lint free cloth and rub evenly over leather. Dubbin wax will leave a slightly oily film on leather (important for repelling water and dirt) and as such should be applied sparingly.