3mm 7-8oz Natural Veg Tanned Tooling Leather Shoulder


3mm 7-8oz Natural Veg Tanned, Natural Finish

  • SHOULDER: Approx 35 inch x 52 inch (15 sq.ft.)

A super smooth grain and regular shape for maximum cutting area.

Soft & Supple, Premium Veg Tan Sides, AAA-Grade, Finest Leather!

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  • SHOULDER: Approx 35 inch x 52 inch (15 sq.ft.)
  • FULL GRAIN: 3mm Highest Grade Premium full-grain UK leather. Perfect for tooling, stamping, embossing, moulding and dyeing.
  • VEGETABLE TANNED: Vegetable tanning, uses a naturally occurring chemical in plants known as tannins in order to cure and preserve the leather. Leather produced by veg tanning readily accepts dyes and stains and is easily tooled, stamped, carved etc.
  • SUSTAINABLE: Our leather production comes as a byproduct of other industries, in particular beef and dairy farming.
  • DURABLE: Soft, supple, breathable, flexible, and rugged all at once, it’s hard to beat for either everyday use or tough jobs. And, just like with its looks, these features only get better with age.
  • AGES BEAUTIFULLY: Aged leather takes on a richer and deeper coloration and texture, making it one of the only materials that becomes more desirable the older it gets.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Vegetable tanning produces zero harmful waste and all tannins used are 100% naturally sourced and plant based.