Cutting Boards & Mats

20th August 2020 0 By admin3456HytQQ

Having a dedicated low density plastic board is ideal for cutting your leather on and for punching holes, stitch marks etc. A good habit to get in to, is to have one side for cutting only and the other side for punching holes. For more delicate or intricate work on thinner leathers like 1mm or 1.5mm I find a cutting mat easier to use, due to its increased grip and added markings.


Zodiac Cutting Board 18″ x 12″ – White

  • 18″ chopping board
  • Modern and stylish design
  • Quality plastic
  • Vibrant white colour
  • Easy to clean

ECOBRA Professional Cutting Mat 5-Ply 45 x 30 cm

  • PROTECT YOUR FURNITURE – The cutting mat is ideal to use as sewing cutting mat or quilting cutting mat. This crafting mat is self healing and is also used as fabric cutting mat, dressmaking cutting board, modelling board, or as a versatile hobby board.
  • SELF-HEALING – The self healing cutting mat consists of 5 layers of different PVC materials. When an incision is made, the top layers of the self healing mat contract together to hide the cut and keep the surface flat.
  • SUSTAINABLE – The two underlying layers are made from strong recycled PVC, which reduces the environmental footprint of our product. The middle layer gives the sewing mat robustness. To maintain quality, do not bend the craft cutting mat.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRID – Includes a metric patchwork grid. The patterns and text are professionally applied, ensuring long-lasting readability.