Embossing Stamp Tools

25th August 2020 0 By admin3456HytQQ

Stamping shapes, letters or numbers into vegetable tanned leather is an easy process which requires nothing more than a small mallet and an embossing stamp tool. On the other hand creating detailed and interesting patterns and shapes using a combination of stamps, requires quite a bit of practice and an artistic flare. Before doing either though, you should preferably case (slightly dampen with cold water) your veg tanned leather, prior to tooling.

James Linnell - Sunflower Shell Geometric Stamp (Leather Stamping ...
A simple pattern, like this shell tool, repeated can add a dramatic effect to a piece.
leather tooling | Original flowers and buds of my design ...
A combination of multiple stamp tools can be used to create intricate patterns.


Leather Stamps Tools Set (20 pcs)

  • Easy-To-Do stamps for beginner and professionals, can carve out the perfect pattern
  • Size : 11.5cm / 4.5”
  • Professional tools for leather craft working, create your own vintage, stylish pattern
  • Durable solid metal construction
  • A great gift for leather craft lover

Mogokoyo 9.0mm Letter Alphabet Stamp Punch Set

  • Alphabet Size: Approximately 9.0mm height; steel handle size: 3.6″L*0.3″W
  • Package: Includes full alphabet letters “A-Z”,one steel handle, all comes with a plastic gift box
  • Material: Made of durable solid metal, Hardened and tempered,ensure imprints be strength and clear, even for long time using
  • Works with leather, wood, clay, jewelry blanks and more. highly recommend for vegetable tanned leath
  • Application:Perfect leather craft tools for leather engraving, create your own vintage personalized signature/date/monogramming on the leather

Dragon Scale Leather Crafting Stamp Tools

Available in different sizes and patterns.

Basket Weave Leather Stamp Tools

Available in different sizes and patterns.

Leather Carving & Embossing Mallet

  • Perfect weight tool to print kinds of figures on the leathercraft.
  • Sturdy and durable stainless steel construction with wooden handle.
  • Edge alloy material, polished and grinding treatment.
  • Nylon hammer tail nut is fixed, anti slip and skid prevention.
  • Great for use with leather stamps, Prong Diamond Chisel, hole punch, etc.