Leather Craft Groovers and Gougers

5th September 2020 0 By admin3456HytQQ

A leather gouge tool is used to cut a neat channel in veg tanned leather, usually on the flesh side, to make it easier to fold or bend angles in thicker leathers, like 2-4mm. It can also double up as a stitching groover, but is a little harder to master and requires a lot more pressure on the cutting tip.

We recommend an adjustable v-shaped gouge tool, which can cut everything from the finest to the deepest of channels in leather. 

Please remember to always sharpen your leather cutting tools on a strop or file card, before use, so they will last you for years and be safer to use, as a sharp tool is much safer to use then a blunt one.

An adjustable leather groover is often used to cut a shallow groove in the surface of veg tanned leather for when you want to recess your stitching slightly into the leather, either for practical or decorative reasons.

There are 2 main variations of this common leather tool. Both work equally well and it is more a matter of preference.

  1. The adjustable section/arm of the tool does the cutting, and a screw in the end of the tool is loosened with a small screw driver/allen key to slide the cutting section back and forth, so you can choose how far in from the edge of your leather you want your groove to be.
  2. The adjustable arm is used as a guide that runs along the edge of the leather and the cutting part is inline with the handle of the tool.

Personally I prefer the second option, but always remember to polish the cutting hole with a piece of thick thread and polishing compound before every use.


Ultnice 7 Piece Leather Craft Stitching Groover Edger Beveler Leather Working Tool Kit

Run the groover at about 40-45 deg. to the piece.
  • Works as a stitch groover, edge creaser, leather edge bezel, rough edge trimmer and sewing hole spacer.
  • Professional tools for leather, such as belt, wallet, purse, pocket bag, table mat, etc.
  • High quality: Made of wood and steel, it is durable and does not easily rust with a stylish and comfortable wooden handle.
  • Portable, lightweight and practical. You can enjoy your leather construction and add more fun with this useful tool kit.

Adjustable Craftool Leather V-Gouge with Wood Handle

  • Very well made and high quality:Made of high quality steel and wooden handle. Durable and safe.
  • Humanized Design: Come with wooden handle .Comfortable grip is suitable for long time work.
  • The depth of the gouge is usually made 1/2 depth of the thickness of the leather, on the flesh side. Adjust by turning the knurled ferrule.
  • It is easy to use, sharp, and it is very sturdy.